My present has finally arrived… 

Happy (early) New Year!

Ha, another year! A little early, I know… But it’s time.

DIY: 22 rimfire tubular magazine quick loader

Since it’s hard to find 22 quick loaders for tubular magazines in Australia and I am not willing to spend in excess of $150 to have it shipped from the States, I decided to go DIY!

Choosing the right hunting shoes, don’t fall for gimmicks

Alright, picking the right hunting boots – something I’ve learned the hard and painful way!

Reloading workflow and data tracker software

My reloading data spreadsheet has grown somewhat and I was thinking about something more manageable and structured for tracking my reloading data.

Knife selection

My thoughts on knife selection or another trial and error experiment.

Latest hunting trip, second deer!

My last hunting trip, success! Antlers acquired. 

I like reloading

Random reloading thought… 

Hunting pack selection

Some notes on my hunting pack selection adventure.This is one of those trial and error lessons… Make few mistakes, waste some money, see what others are doing, see what works for me, adjust, repeat. TL;DR bumbag is the go!

Thoughts on first aid kit

I’ve been asked about my first aid kit, had to dip into it for someone… I thought I’d share it here, I have nothing better to do right now anyway. Besides, this is one of those things that’s usually overlooked,… Continue Reading →

So I’ve done it, I bought a .22

What can I say, as much as I dislike the .17HMR and for all the time I may or may not have said nasty things about .22 – I really love this one! 

Inconsistent .308 bullet seating depth data

So, being reasonably new to reloading, I expected that  batch of seated projectile would equate to cartridges of the same overall length. Not so. well, maybe, I am still looking for confirmation. 

My first Sambar Deer

I’ve finally done it! First deer!

Mosin Nagant M38 cleanup

I haven’t written anything in a while… Life is hectic with work and kids. That said, I have a bit of time to shoot and reloading, which is great. Occasional hunting trip, although I can’t say I have been successful… Continue Reading →

Aussie Shooters Subreddit is live

I felt that we [Australian shooters] are a little under represented, so I started a Reddit section just for us: r/aussieshooters (

Another random update

So, I’ve used up my shooting day credits with my better half and thus I am going to go into shooting hibernation for a month or so. In the meantime, I thought I would bang out a little update…

El Pistolero

A lot like last time, no, exactly like last time, when I learned that I live close enough to clay target range and a shotgun materialised in my safe soon after… Yeah, so it happened again. I learned that the… Continue Reading →

Side by side: .308 vs 17HMR cartridges

Someone asked me about the difference between .17 HMR and .308 cartridges, in terms of how they look, so I took some photos of .17HMR vs .308, side by side…

Just because

So this is a little different to my usual posts, but, why not!

Clean your new barrel!

Clean your new barrel!

Getting into shooting – what you need

My friend asked me about items that he would need to start shooting, followed by few more people getting in touch through this blog, same question. That made me think, shit, this is not a cheap hobby. At least not… Continue Reading →

Mosin Nagant 91/30

By popular demand, some photos… So here they are, Russian made (1943) Mosin Nagant 91/30.

Gun safe buying gotchas

Someone suggested that I should write a post on a common gotcha when considering or buying a rifle safe. I definitely fell for this one.

New toy has arrived!

The old girl has arrived.

New safe, f*#king, finally!

New safe! Finally!

Cost of reloading – cost per round (part 2)

To continue from my last post on cost of reloading equipment, this post will be focused on actual cost per round of ammunition. Situation unchanged, water is wet, sky is blue, .308 ammo is still expensive. Actually, all ammo is expensive here,… Continue Reading →

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone. Thank you for letting me waste your time and for reading my rants, for your feedback and advise. Some posts come naturally, some take a bit more work and preparation, I enjoy writing them and I have a lot… Continue Reading →

Australian gun laws – I was wrong

So I’ve been thinking about our [Australian] gun laws lately and I must admit, I was wrong. I wrote in my earlier post, in my naive excited state that “I support and believe in our current gun laws and not… Continue Reading →

Cost of reloading – equipment (part 1) 

As some of you may have noticed, out of nowhere (almost, I have been toying with the idea) – I started reloading. I didn’t think I would get to this point as fast as I have, but turns out shooting… Continue Reading →

Another range day

Another day at the range…

Crimped Hornady brass

Due to sharp increase in .308 ammo prices, I started reloading and ran into an issue with Hornady brass and forcefully learned about primer crimping.

New type of rifle cleaning patches

Decided to try new cleaning patches. Not so much because your garden variety is not doing the job, but, just because…

Briefly on reloading and better groups

Another range day, reloading and the groups are improving!

Still kicking and more

So this post is more or less about random stuff. October is a hard month for me. Started to learn how to reload, other than that, nothing terribly exciting at this stage.

Another day at the range

So I went to the range again and made a day of it. Not much to report. Well, a little bit, not as much as last time. Still loads of fun and a lot of improvements. Four 12a slugs, 100… Continue Reading →

On firearms safety through the eyes of a new shooter

Someone suggested that I write about safety, from my point of view – a new shooter. This is something that I am definitely pedantic about, beyond OCD. In fact, I rarely find my self using the safety switch. Ha?! Yeah…. Continue Reading →

Morning exercises

So some people like to go for a run or to the gym in the morning…

So I bought more guns…

I should not be left at a fun shop without parental supervision! Really, I shouldn’t! Walk in to get some ammo, walked out with said ammo and two more rifles. Scope and some miscellaneous crap. Freak! Now I need a… Continue Reading →

Random thought on cocked or uncoked rifle strorage

Random thought on rifle storage – cocked or uncoked )decocked). I was watching something on YouTube about dry firing and immediately thought about bolt springs… Do you store rifles cocked, uncocked; and why?

Random – history of ammo; and centre fire vs rimfire

Just random stuff on history and types of ammo.

On barrel break in

Looking after you barrel from the start or at least setting it up right for the future. I don’t know. It seems to make sense… Barrel run/break in.

On scope selection

Choosing a scope is hard. Choosing a scope for a new shooter is seriously fucking hard! Holly shit, this is an entirely new world. Mind numbing, metric fuck tone of optics and options, models, types, more opinions and just huge… Continue Reading →

On rifle form (shooting positions) and pain

So, like I said, complete newbie. Even the correct rifle form was a new experience and a challenge. In fact, when I was getting my scope fitted, salesperson kept correcting my stands when I was checking the scope adjustment.

My first trip to the shooting range

My first trip to the shooting range. Like first day of school, only way more fun. Let the games begin!

New shooter – learning about rifle cleaning

Some people hate cleaning guns, at lest they say so. I call bullshit. I think (me included) it’s almost like meditation. When you are left alone, a nice big workbench, your tools… Zen. Serenity! Maybe I am just weird. First though,… Continue Reading →

Collecting my first ever rifle

My precious has arrived. There are a lot like it, but this one is definitely mine. I got a call from the gun shop, telling me that my permit has been processed. Gigadi. Honestly, I considered dropping everything, walking out… Continue Reading →

On safes, keys, secure storage, safe sizes and installation

This is a bit of a boring one, but got to do it… According to Australian law, all firearms in your home must be stored in a safe. Safes over 150kg can be free standing. Safes under 150kg need to… Continue Reading →

On kids and guns in the house

So this is a bit of a touchy topic for me. Kids and guns in the house… I was very conflicted about this. With the benefit of hindsight, after establishing some rules I am okay with it now. I suppose… Continue Reading →

On paperwork: chosing and applying for rifle permit

So here I am, with my new shiny fun licence. What to do, what to do? Buy my first rifle, thats what! So, so, freaking exciting! But, having a gun licence does not mean what you think it means. Before… Continue Reading →

On paperwork: applying for gun license

This might be the longest post in the entire blog. Also, it could be the most useful. There are a lot of anecdotes, most are wrong, about who and how you can get a firearms licence in Australia. In this… Continue Reading →

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